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What To Bring To Your First Visit

The Pediatric Center welcomes new patients, ages birth to 16 years of age.  We will see patients who are older than 16 if they have a younger sibling in the practice (or a younger sibling who is joining the practice) or in specific situations.

When you come to the office for your first visit, please arrive 20 minutes early so that you may complete our tablet-based patient registration.

What to Bring to Your First Visit:

  1. Insurance Cards for Each Child Being Seen: Providing insurance cards ensures that the billing process goes smoothly and that we have the necessary information to bill your insurance company.
  2. Records from Previous Physician: If you have a history with another healthcare provider, providing your child’s medical records helps your new provider understand any existing conditions, treatments, or medications. You may bring their records to our office or provide a signed Medical Release so that we may obtain the records by fax. 
  3. Newborn Discharge Records (for Newborns): For newborns, obtaining discharge records from the hospital allows your provider to have information about the baby’s initial health status and any special care requirements. 
  4. Older Children’s Health Records: For older children, having a chance to review health records, especially vaccination records, beforehand allows your provider to make informed decisions about future care. 
  5. Checkup and Immunization Schedule: Comparing your child’s current vaccine records with the recommended schedule helps anticipate any upcoming vaccinations or boosters that may be needed. 
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