Remote Legal Drafting Jobs

Remote Legal Drafting Jobs

the acquisition and sale of real estate; Drafting and negotiation of purchase contracts. and the development of construction contracts; Preparation and revision of commercial leases. Ability to learn and adopt new skills and best practices as the position evolves and business needs change. Ability to work well. For our law firm, we need lawyers from all sectors. We need a total of 25. It is important that you have experience and know what it means to work independently. because you will work among us, we will promote you frequently and there are many privileges to make yourself known in Western Europe and America. Where we work Our team benefits from hybrid/remote flexibility and we offer our employees a generous WFH budget to create a productive and ergonomic WFH environment.

We have a company with one of the technology companies in Lahore, Pakistan. They help us develop our B2B e-commerce sites. To protect our own benefit, code ownership, transfer procedures, maintenance and support. I need legal counsel in Pakistan who can help us reach an agreement to protect our utility and ownership of these projects. 3 to 5 years of experience in drafting supplier and technology contracts. Proactively identify opportunities to minimize risks to the company in its contracts and. essential. Experience in reviewing, drafting, negotiating and concluding arrangements. Support in the negotiation and drafting of outgoing contracts. and licensing, SaaS and enterprise professional services transactions as required.

Provide legal support for various go-to-market efforts, such as the web. I want to review my contract and, if necessary, amend it for possible errors and make sure I am protected. I have a video company that films weddings, I am currently sending a general contract detailing what the client will receive, I just want to make sure that the legality is up to date in terms of copyright, protection, health, safety and liability. Leads or administers the preparation of new or revised projects. Product contract forms, work closely with. Make sure the contract forms designed match. Analyze regulations to ensure that contract wording meets product specifications. Drafting have 2 years of experience in drafting contracts.

Perfectly written… I want to create a legal will in the Irish legal system. That would be a fairly simple will. I look forward to hearing from you if you can help me. Thank you very much. Jerry I would like to update this document so that it can be used in the state of Arizona (USA). State-specific citations need to be updated from Minnesota to Arizona. In addition, some constitutional references also need to be updated. You can view the document here. Let me know that I. Do you need help negotiating contracts with an international company that wants to use me as a U.S. reseller for their product? My specific areas of concern with the contract they offer include: calculating reseller fees, activities required to qualify for fees, compensation, and jurisdiction. *About Press Ganey* Press Ganey pioneered the healthcare performance improvement movement 35 years ago. Today, Press Ganey offers an integrated suite of. If you are a lawyer in China or an international lawyer who can draft respected contracts in the PRC, please contact us. We want a standard contract model for our relationships with our suppliers abroad. General counsel for advice, review of terms of use, project-specific information and contracts.

Competitive and web-friendly hourly rate. Good availability during US business hours, ideally PST time zone. Easy to contact and work Available by phone, text, Skype, Upwork, etc. I am currently a student Writing is my job and it doesn`t take longer than I need a lawyer to review my current (several) enterprise contracts that we want to merge into one contract for our online contract and booking software. We are an entertainment company that has different contracts/clauses for photo booth, photo, DJ and Monte Carlo events. Make sure everything is formatted properly and up to date and also covers me for COVID and other natural disasters.. Hello, We have developed a new idea, essentially a new strategic path for an already active company. Their operations are not like what we thought and developed. We want to offer them this idea, although we want to make sure that we are properly informed and protected by possibly patenting the idea. Our client is active in the motorsport industry.

Please send us a mess. I train and sell horses and need help creating a purchase contract/contract that I can use for the sale. I also need help preparing a disclaimer form and a non-disclosure agreement form. Most of the work is for a fast-growing weather technology company that is a subsidiary of another slower-growing weather information company. Part of the work will also be for the “parent company”. The subsidiary now generates more than $1 million in revenue per month and the subsidiary is larger than the “parent company”. We are looking for help in our process of splitting the new. and counterparties` inquiries regarding contract interpretation and compliance. Develop, maintain, implement and support contract models. Activity and Compliance.

Research and resolve contractual disputes and problem solving. Ad hoc support for the sales team when needed. Core function: Write responses to requests for quotations (RFPs) and requests for information (RFI) from healthcare clients, supports the proposal. Job Overview Our Raleigh office has the opportunity for a legal writer to join our growing business immigration practice. This position has the. Look for an attorney licensed by the Michigan State Bar to close an M&A deal for a medical practice. This is very urgent because the owners in question want to age and retire. The objective is to have completed tasks 1 to 5 by February 2021 and task 6 by August 2021. Tasks to do: 1.

Set up a shell LLC company in Michigan and keep my identity. Job Overview – DIRECTV Marketing is looking for an innovative and experienced senior content writer to enrich the editorial content of our website. Create highs.. Technical Writer (Retention) – Remote Are you a technical writer looking for a way to use a cutting-edge authoring tool and join a passionate team,.. Join an industry-leading company today! WebstaurantStore, a division of Clark Associates, is looking for entry-level candidates who have solid and editorial backgrounds. Learn about tax regulations that may affect the startup team. Lawyer The candidate negotiates and drafts various business agreements, including software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) agreements, software license agreements, confidentiality agreements, support and service agreements, partnership agreements and other purchase agreements. Design and negotiation of state/local government and education. Corporate Legal Counsel/Senior Contracts Professional The candidate structures, designs, reviews and negotiates a wide range of agreements ranging from complex technology contracts, various forms of software licensing, hardware, support and maintenance, professional services contracts and non-disclosure agreements.

Advice to all. I need a contract between me and an international medical device distributor TODAY to protect my rights under ICC arbitration. I will be the facilitator of a defined transaction and receive a percentage of the total commission the distributor receives from the seller. We have a contract that we sign with customers, but it has to be renewed because it is not created at a high level. The task is not great to take into account all the points that the customer has asked us to update the contract. Ideally, you do this work before Monday, the deadline – Monday. We need our terms and conditions for an on-demand messaging app. We have examples as a guideline, but we need to adopt them. Healthy Minds Initiative is a Delaware 501 c3 state organization that needs to fill out paperwork and help when needed.

Find someone to review (and/or create) the terms and conditions and privacy policy of a Tik Tok website. Look for an attorney licensed by the Michigan State Bar to enter into an agreement with a real estate developer to develop a significant amount of land for commercial real estate. There is currently a fast food restaurant in the countryside and it may be advisable to develop the whole area into fast food restaurants. If it is more convenient to develop the land yourself and then sell the rights to others..