Polish Legal Advice Uk

Polish Legal Advice Uk

Anna Matelska Law Firm was established to help Poles living in Poland and the UK. We also represent nationals of other countries seeking assistance with legal matters with an international dimension. We are the only law firm in the UK that provides legal advice in relation to Polish law and representation before the Polish judicial system without the involvement of third parties. At Truth Legal Solicitors, we understand how important it is to be able to serve the Polish community living and working in the UK with honest and ethical legal advice at all times. Our Polish lawyers are ready to help you. To arrange an initial consultation on a legal issue in Poland, call our Polish-speaking lawyers on 033 0107 0109 or ask for a callback. Advances in technology allow us to provide practical advice on matters within Polish jurisdiction, wherever you are, but our physical footprint is that of the UK and Poland. One of the most important reasons to hire Levene`s Polish team is to avoid misunderstandings that could be a disaster for the success of your case. Even if a lawyer and his client speak the same language, sometimes misunderstandings occur. If the client needs to communicate with a lawyer through an interpreter or someone without legal qualifications, the chances of something important being overlooked are much greater. Anna Matelska has handled many landmark cases in English law, providing advice and authority to lawyers and judges involved in cases of a similar legal nature. In 2014, Crowdy & Rose and Collard & Co Solicitors merged to form a single firm, combining their extensive experience and skills to form a firm, C&R Legal Limited.

The firm consists of three offices in neighbouring towns: Faringdon, Lechlade and Highworth.In In 2019, Magalena Gongala-Stepien, lawyer, joined our team. Magdalena`s native language is Polish, which now allows us to provide services to Polish-speaking clients. Magdalena specializes in residential real estate and family law. However, it can also help with wills and probate. We know that being able to get legal aid in the language of the clients makes it easier. Working as a team, with the help of Magdalena, we are able to offer Polish-speaking clients in all areas of our expertise listed below. We build a relationship with our customers that you don`t get with other companies. Some companies have Polish-speaking employees, but they are not qualified lawyers or they use interpreters. The person you`re talking to can`t give you advice – they can only pass on messages. With Levenes, you have direct access to a qualified Polish-speaking lawyer who can answer your questions. Nothing is lost in translation. This will help you keep your file running smoothly and keep you informed of the progress of your file.

Maciej has written a number of articles in Polish on criminal law issues: Clear Communication – We speak to you in a down-to-earth manner. We avoid legalese unless it can be avoided, and if it does, we explain things clearly and simply. Our legal experts are experienced in many areas of Polish law and can provide you with professional legal advice. You can expect our lawyers to be friendly, helpful and professional. As a multicultural team of lawyers, we understand the importance of communicating in our clients` native language and without legalese. Our team prides itself on providing advice and support in a clear, warm and friendly manner. We build strong relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on being trustworthy and approachable in order to achieve excellent results in times of need for our clients. Without having to travel to Poland to meet with a professional lawyer, our local team will help you resolve any legal issues, such as: For your convenience and value for money, the professional team at Vis Legis will help you resolve your legal issues in Poland and provide you with a direct and dedicated advisor, who focuses exclusively on your case and is available for meetings/calls in the UK We have a team of highly qualified lawyers qualified and experienced who can help companies and individuals with their legal needs in Poland. The company offers the following services to private clients and companies:- Assistance in the purchase and sale of real estate and other transactions related to residential real estate.- Assistance in the field of family law- Assistance in drafting a will and inheritance procedure.- Assistance in drafting a power of attorney.- Advice on a settlement between an employee and an employer on dismissal.- Assistance in the purchase and sale of real estate commercial and advice on the leasing of commercial premises. – Support in the purchase and sale of companies.

In 2014, Crowdy & Rose and Collard & Co combined their many years of experience and expertise into one company, C&R Legal Limited. The firm consists of three law firms in Faringdon, Lechlade and Highworth, each located in close proximity to each other. In 2019, Magdalena Gongala-Stepien joined C&R`s legal team, whose mother tongue is Polish, allowing us to serve Polish-speaking clients. Me Magdalena practices in real estate and family law. Magdalena can also help with the drafting of a will and in succession procedures. We understand that the possibility of obtaining legal assistance in your own language is much easier and we are able to help a Polish-speaking client in all the following areas in which we specialize with the help of Mrs. Magdalena. This is possible because we all work together in the company.

A personal approach – your case will be handled by a Polish-speaking lawyer. A good case can be turned into a bad case by such miscommunication. She has been admitted both as a Solicitor – Advocate on the list of qualified lawyers in England and Wales regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and as a practising member and foreign solicitor of the Warsaw Bar Council (ORA). We treat each client individually and review each case diligently in accordance with the principles of professional ethics. Total attention – We have the resources to focus on every detail of the case and consider all angles. We don`t spread ourselves too thin – you deserve your undivided attention. If you are looking for Polish lawyers No Win No Fee, we can help you. We can handle most claims on a no-winner, no-cost basis, please click here to learn more. If you`re worried about the cost of a breach claim, we`re here to put you at ease.

Levenes Solicitors offers personal injury claims on a no-win, no-cost basis. Whether you have some English and make ends meet every day, or speak fluent English, if your lawyer doesn`t speak your native language, you`ll be at a disadvantage. Also, you may not be sure if your lawyer understood what you told them. Our director, Anna Matelska, is fully qualified as a lawyer in Poland and the UK. After obtaining her LL.M. from one of Poland`s top universities, continuing her studies in the United States, and earning a law degree from a leading law school in London, she gained many years of experience in the United Kingdom and Poland. Our law firm in Warsaw deals with the following issues from all over Poland: The Polish team is very well supported by David Levene, Senior Partner, a former judge who founded Levenes more than 30 years ago.