Are Tinted Windows Legal in Pakistan

Are Tinted Windows Legal in Pakistan

A few years ago, local authorities decided to ban tinted car windows in the hope that it would reduce traffic and law violations in the metropolis. Since then, Karachi`s traffic police have launched several major operations to reprimand traffic violators, arrest drivers, impose fines and remove tinted aluminum foil from their windows. Brother June 2020. A friend of mine told me that 25% tint is allowed on the front windows and 50% tint on the rear windows. Can you please confirm if this is true? The Director of the Excise And Tax Department and the Chief Superintendent of Traffic Police were invited to take legal action against the offenders. What other option do we have in the extreme summer for a 25% tinted glass with umbrellas? Targeting ordinary citizens and leaving VIPs 100% tinted glass is criminal and it is extremely difficult to drive in this heat without shade or hue. Ironically, elite vehicles that are fully tinted and break the rules have a full-time driver. We certainly live in two different countries where politics for the common man is different and there is no politics for the elite. ISLAMABAD: The National Roads and Highways Police has suspended the entry of vehicles with tinted windows and has taken action against several engines. Allow people to have at least some level of hue to block out sunlight. Our summers are hot.

Our sun shines like hell. People don`t just ring their car to feel like a VIP. Many simply try to reduce the sunlight in the cabin. Act against tinted glasses to eliminate VIP culture? How come you only stop small vehicles with 25% tint and can`t even stop big ones with a full shade? There is a double standard. Imported vehicles with 35 pc and 65 pc tinted windows can obtain permits after contacting the Deputy Commissioner`s office. A verification report on the applicant will be requested by the police before their applications are reviewed, he added. 3) I searched online and didn`t see any concrete laws regarding tinted windows on cars. It seems that the law changes every year or that it is quite broad and subject to interpretation. Am I wrong? LAHORE – A traffic guard was nearly run over by a motorist after being arrested for using tinted glasses. Video. Sick of this stupid law. I have different % of the glass shades on all the windows except the front and two left sides.

My only goal is to block out some heat. I don`t know how people drive without tinted windows. Once, a Thulla even tried to remove all the shades of the trunk of my station wagon. Establish a clear law. Allow a certain percentage of the tint on the rear and front window as in other countries. Make a law that says you have to lower your windows when you approach a police checkpoint. Something like that. I will only accept this law if it is implemented for every individual. Let`s face it, this applies to selected people. Stop shaping the law for yourself. I have heard since childhood that shadows are illegal.

They are not new to this area. You knew this the day you had tints on your car. It`s just that we never want to admit our mistakes. 1) I have seen JDMs where the rear passenger windows are tinted + their trunk window. How are they exempted? ISLAMABAD: The district administration has cancelled permits to use tinted vehicle windows. On the other hand, Shahzeb, who handles a variety of car accessories, says the demand for tinted glass sheets has declined since police began tracking them. At the same time, there is a wide range of products that offer a similar experience, but are easy to remove and install themselves, which have gained momentum in the market. “Most people now prefer light film noirs instead of opting for completely opaque film noirs that seemed more suspicious to the police.

Apart from that, there are also umbrellas and window curtains that can be easily pulled if needed,” Shahzeb said. A statement from the district administration states: “It is communicated that all permits granted for tinted [windows] with exemption from the provision of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1969 will be suspended with immediate effect.” Motorists who use tinted windows due to health problems, including sensitive skin, are advised to look for alternatives. The answer to the 1st question: The rear windows and trunk glass of most JDMs are factory tinted. There is no tinted paper on them. Police removed the tinted windows of several vehicles in the M3 motorway area of responsibility. Jdm oem tinted cars also get challan there once a year one thing. Honestly, I never understood that with summers like ours, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees, why are shades an issue? And what about cars factory-equipped with exposed windows? If blinds are a problem, why not also decrease their windows? However, citizens believe that this repression is mainly focused on the concern of hoi polloi, while vehicles of politically and socially influential personalities are allowed to move around the city without anyone questioning their blackened glass. “The reason people choose to ring their car windows in Karachi is that they protect the inside of the car from sun damage while providing a certain level of privacy for the family sitting inside.

It`s understandable that the law is in place to curb criminal activity, but then why not also reprimand influential figures,” said Nazim Ahmed, a local car dealership, adding that the laws should be uniform. There are three categories of tinted windows: 35pc, 65pc and 100pc tinted, the official explained, adding that the use of 100pc tinted windows would not be allowed except for imported vehicles. Bravo @NHMPofficial, repression of indiscriminate tinted lenses, vehicles with tinted glasses are not allowed on national roads and motorway@ICT_Police @ITP_Police @ctplahore These permits have been granted to motorists for various reasons, including imported vehicles and having factory-tinted lenses, or for health reasons. However, the permits were cancelled in response to instructions from the Ministry of the Interior due to security threats. Well, that means that European or British cars that have factory-tinted windows installed can be imported into Pakistan. I have Range Rover and BMW 7 Series all windows are tinted, does that mean they are allowed to drive illegally in Pakistan? According to Faizan, who is particularly interested in umbrellas and window curtains for cars, these products offer more or less the same kind of privacy and shade as tinted leaves, but have the added benefit of being easy to remove if necessary. “These are usually made of artificial nylon fabric and are mounted on all windows. The price depends on the quality of the product, but most put in detail between Rs800 and Rs3,000,” the retailer informed. A senior county official told Dawn that all permits had been cancelled. But the deputy commissioner`s office would take into account the restrictions imposed on motorists, under which they would have to use tinted windows, he added. In this context, a spokesman for the Karachi Traffic Police called on the public to immediately remove tinted windows and aluminum foil from the windows of their vehicles. He reminded Karachiites that there is a great campaign against tinted glass vehicles on the instructions of the provincial government and that anyone caught will be reprimanded to the fullest extent of the law.

“Citizens should cooperate with the police because this law is in the public interest and aims to ensure public safety,” he told the Express Tribune.