Are Golf Carts Legal on Ohio Roads

Are Golf Carts Legal on Ohio Roads

Do you need to buy groceries or pick up the kids from school? Use your road-certified golf cart as a comfortable way to shop without the price of an SUV. Before you try to participate in the fun, you need to understand the federal, state, and local rules for golf carts. Golf carts, such as cars and trucks, should have insurance coverage. Insurance coverage should be a standard liability and include coverage for underinsured and uninsured motorists to fully cover the driver. “I`ve had a driver`s license for two years and I`ve taken it to different states,” Walker said. “I haven`t seen any problems with people falling out. As long as they drive carefully and things like that, I never see a problem with that. Michelle Nati is co-editor and author who has covered legal, criminal and government news for and Complex Media. She holds a bachelor`s degree in communication and English from Niagara University. For more information on federal laws related to golf carts, please click here. Plus, low-speed vehicles like golf carts have much lower insurance costs than a regular vehicle, which increases your savings over time. That said, your race is also subject to all laws enacted by the state regarding the use of golf carts. An authorized golf cart may only be used on a secondary road or a road for which the specified speed limit is 35 MPH or less.

The 1. In January 2017, Ohio passed a law allowing golf carts to be driven on any road with speed limits of 35 mph or less. In Ohio, golf carts can only be driven at speeds of 20 mph or less. Wood County residents who require a golf cart inspection can make an appointment by calling the sheriff`s office at 419-354-1246. Once a golf cart has passed the inspection, the owner can purchase a title and registration from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, as well as license plates to have a legal car on the road. The plates must be attached to the back of the car. Just because something has four tires and an engine doesn`t mean it`s a legal vehicle. This also applies to golf carts. Learn more about the equipment you need to make your golf cart legal and the benefits of road-certified vehicles below! And even in cities where golf carts aren`t banned, you may have to stick to certain roads. Now it`s legal to drive golf carts in Ohio on any public highway with a speed limit of 35 mph. You can drive a golf cart at night if it has lights.

Golf cart drivers must follow the same laws as to drive a standard vehicle – they must have a valid driver`s license and insurance, and be over 16 years of age to drive the golf cart. The LSV shall be equipped with a windscreen, headlights, rear lights, stop lamps, mirrors, reflectors, parking brakes and seat belts. Golf carts and LSVs are not allowed on major highways where the minimum speed is 45 mph. Have you ever seen someone driving a golf cart on the road? The driving of golf carts by minors is prohibited. In Ohio, the age at which a person can apply for a driver`s license is 16. A driver holding a driving licence may be accompanied by a driver holding a driving licence who is at least 21 years of age. Currently, Ohio allows drivers over the age of 16 with a valid driver`s license to drive golf carts on roads of 35 miles per hour or less. Road laws require golf carts to have certain equipment when driving on the roads. Without them, drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other drivers can be at risk of injury or even death. Get the most out of your golf cart while driving on the road – legally. Even with some safety measures, golf carts are much smaller than the cars, SUVs, and trucks with which they will share the roads.

The law requires golf cart drivers to have special equipment to drive on public roads. Luckily, it`s not hard to make sure your golf cart is ready for city racing. Typically, however, Ohio also allows individual cities to decide when and where golf carts can drive. These professionals can help you check your cart for serious problems and will work to ensure that you are fit to drive and legal with your vehicle at low speeds. Both circumstances can lead to accidents and increased insurance costs. Before allowing teens to drive golf carts, it is imperative that they understand the responsibility they must take when getting behind the wheel. In addition, road-approved golf carts require a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and a registered driver with a driver`s license to drive on the road. To be homologated on the road, a golf cart must be equipped with the following work equipment: seat belts, windscreen, horn, turn signals, mirrors, headlights and brake lights. Golf carts, LSVs, and traditional vehicles can be driven on Ohio public roads if the vehicle is registered, has a valid license plate, and meets all the standards of a vehicle in driving condition of this type after passing the inspection. Just like with cars, the driver must have reached the legal driving age and have a valid driver`s license with the appropriate amount of liability insurance for the vehicle.

Communities with speed limits of up to 35 miles per hour will find golf carts to be a cost-effective way to get around the city. Because golf carts require you to slow down compared to traffic on high-speed roads, you also have a lower risk of having an accident. The driver must hold a driver`s license and respect the age limits required to obtain the license. No one is legally allowed to drive a golf cart under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If the golf cart does not have service lights, it cannot be driven at night. Therefore, you should understand the federal guidelines for low-speed vehicles before attempting to drive a modified golf cart on Ohio roads. In Ohio, golf carts are legal on the road as long as they meet the above requirements. In 2017, a law was passed in Ohio that allows golf carts to drive on city roads, provided the road has a speed limit set at no more than 35 miles per hour.

The law does not prohibit the driver of the car from crossing an intersection with a speed limit of more than 35 mph. The laws governing the driving of golf carts and LSVs are clearly defined and must be respected as well as driving a car or truck. Ohio`s golf cart laws can be very different from other state laws, so it`s important to learn the laws of your state. First, let`s look at the difference between a golf cart and an LSV or low-speed vehicle. An Ohio law allows golf carts to drive on roads with a specified speed limit of 35 mph or less. There are certain requirements that cars must meet before they are released for use on city streets, and the city can also issue orders to prevent cars from being driven on certain roads. Teens tend to take more risks than adults, so liability insurance is also important when driving golf carts. These last two factors are not required by the federal government, but required by the state to make their cars safer. In some parts of Ohio, people prefer golf carts as a means of transportation. In 2017, the state passed a law that allows golf carts to travel on the roads. However, owners must make them legal on the road and follow the rules of the street or face a crime complaint.

The Wood County Sheriff`s Office gives an example of what should make and hold a golf cart legal on the road. The office`s assistants will inspect golf carts in its area of responsibility. The car must have brake lights, headlights, horn, license plate lights, rearview mirror, taillights, turn signals, windshield and must not be able to drive more than 20 mph. Visit Lake Erie Golf Cars today to purchase your road-certified golf cart! We are your number one for new and used golf carts and offer a variety of models from the brands you trust. These are considered secondary roads and not main roads. Before 1 January 2017, a regulation had to be requested and adopted for the area to allow golf carts to be driven within EU borders. Prior to 2017, eight communities in Ohio allowed golf carts to travel on their public roads. Each regulation described the detailed details of the use of the G-car. CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) — Golf carts may soon be on city streets as demand for legal carts for the road has increased, according to Walker`s Custom Carts in Silver Grove, KY. During the inspection, the following equipment must be present and working to be homologated on the road: Ask one of our friendly customer service specialists for our selection of golf carts homologated for the road. Protect your family by slowing down on a golf cart and taking in the views along the way.